“Five years ago I had an ankle injury, because it wasn’t rehabilitated properly at the time a number of issues came about. They prevented me from carrying out my active lifestyle. Unfortunately, the issues that occurred couldn’t be explained by a number of specialists and physiotherapists. Over this period of time my mobility, strength, flexibility and functional movement deteriorated to the point where I was probably only just getting one foot in front of the other and my balance was a major issue which caused me to take a fall at work – which could have been a blessing in disguise, as this led to me being referred to Brendan at BodyLab.  After four and a half years of specialists and physiotherapists and no one being able to tell me what was wrong, I was a bit skeptical as to whether this would help. First up was a myoskeletal assessment (first time it had been done) and the results from this were a relief because finally after all this timeona, someone gave me hope that the issues I was having could be fixed. A strengthening program was made for my particular needs which was done under the guidance of Lauren. As I started to build strength I noticed I was able to start doing things I had lost the ability to do. If it wasn’t for Brendan and Lauren I would still be struggling to find out what was wrong and because of the industry I work in I may have been made medically unfit. I will definitely be using BodyLab in the near future for a strengthening program to continue building in strength and mobility.”

Fiona, September 2019