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  • "In March 2019 my life as I knew it all came crashing down around me. I was hastily diagnosed with a UTI and treated as they repeated for 12 months with cocktails of antibiotics, blockers, remedies the list goes on...... Read More

  • The service and advice I have received from BodyLab has been nothing short of excellent. During their comprehensive exercise test (with ECG, gas analysis and BP monitoring) they diagnosed a potentially life threatening cardiac health issue. The data they provided... Read More

  • I recently had a bike fitting with Brendan at the Wellington BodyLab site. Brendan provided a thorough muscular/skeletal assessment and explained the science behind what he was doing at every step of the process. I was impressed with how quickly... Read More

  • After countless visits to numerous physio, sports massage, chiropractors and back specialists. I was finally referred to Brendan by a friend.  3 years of living with chronic pain in my lower back, which radiated down my leg and into my ankle.... Read More

  • "Having someone who has the expertise to give me the tools to solve the cause of an injury is far more valuable than spending twice as long fluffing around with alleviating the symptoms temporarily. They really know what they're doing... Read More

  • "Five years ago I had an ankle injury, because it wasn’t rehabilitated properly at the time a number of issues came about. They prevented me from carrying out my active lifestyle. Unfortunately, the issues that occurred couldn’t be explained by... Read More

  • "Over the years, I have had repetitive shoulder issues during my sport. I thought that I want to get behind the cause and fix it once and for all. I went to see Brendan at the Body Lab and we... Read More

  • "I am so pleased I was referred to Brendan at BodyLab. His professional assessment and subsequent solution to my ‘issue’ of one leg shorter than the other has given me results far greater than I would have imagined. I am... Read More

  • "After sustaining a lower back injury from snowboarding in 2015, I had continuous pain in my lower back, exacerbated by any form of exercise, and even standing. After attempting to rest patiently, I became frustrated with the restrictions my back... Read More

  • "I am very pleased with my overall level of fitness and wellbeing.  All credit to you and Yolanda - was a great experience- genuinely feel my posture has improved , as has my flexibility and agility. I’m far more aware... Read More

  • "Thanks for sorting out my back. Your approach and initial analysis to find the root cause of my back pain, and then to tailor an exercise routine has really paid-off. My back is stronger now than it has been for... Read More

  • "As a ballet dancer our body is our tool and therefore have to look after it to avoid injuries. After under going an ACL reconstruction on my left knee I needed all the help I could get to return back... Read More

  • "Thanks to BodyLab for fixing me up! After sustaining a broken hip followed by double hip replacement my body was in a real mess; muscle wastage, fat, very little mobility and flexibility. Now 2 years later I play interclub tennis,... Read More

  • "Thank you very much for the bike fit and work around my “challenged anatomy” i.e. short leg. I didn’t have a chance to ride for any length of time at the weekend but my ride home was unreal, for once... Read More

  • "As an athlete (cyclist) injuries are a fairly regular occurrence. I was unfortunate to fracture my lumbar vertebrae resulting in 4 years of unresolved lower back pain and severe episodes of sciatica also with the consideration of back surgery as... Read More

  • “Two years ago I went to see Brendan after limping my way from Rugby game to Rugby game. Brendan tested my range of motion and designed a stretching, mobilization and strengthening programme specifically with my weaknesses in mind. I am... Read More

  • “I just wanted to give you some feedback as I have now completed two 6-week courses. The results have been spectacular! I had suffered from severe back pain, I think as the result of a fall from a bike several... Read More

  • “Thank you for your assessment and corrective exercise programme. Seeing how wonky I was in video/photos and the measurements was really informative. It also gave me clear goals to aim for and appealed to my visual learning style. The 1:1... Read More

  • “I was referred to BodyLab by ACC following aggravation of an ongoing back problem. In the past, I have had one significant back operation, removing discs and fusing two vertebrae together. I have since damaged the adjacent discs, and ACC... Read More

  • “Brendan and his highly trained team are the “patron saints of hopeless causes”— I’d had a history of spraining my ankle which ended in a break. I was about to have surgery (and time off work) to fix the problem... Read More

  • “I lived for four years with pains in my arms, wrists and hands from OOS, occasionally severe and debilitating, but mostly manageable, although with constant fear that it would get worse and prevent me from working, recreation and enjoying life.... Read More

  • “I chose BodyLab based on a positive outcome 5 years ago when I suffered badly from OOS. This time, following a rotator cuff sprain, I had a virtually ‘frozen’ shoulder that made many everyday tasks difficult, some impossible. Following an... Read More

  • “BodyLab are very well named. I am a 48 year old, who seriously damaged my back (prolapsed disk L4/L5) 13 years ago. I suffered from acute lower back pain 95% of the time, and was finding life very difficult and... Read More

  • "I cannot speak highly enough of the professional treatment I received at BodyLab. For the first time in four years I can say with confidence that I my lower back pain has reduced considerably and there are days when it... Read More

  • "When I was first referred to BodyLab I had been off work for 12 months and had had every possible kind of treatment ACC could provide from physiotherapy, osteopaths, three cortisone injections, pain management consultants, powerful pain killers, intense exercise... Read More




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