Brendan Roach

Brendan Roach

Exercise Physiologist / Director. M.Sc, BPhEd, CHEK II, ISAK III

Brendan is our Exercise Physiologist and Director of BodyLab Ltd.  He founded this business 30 years ago from small beginnings and many ideas.  Brendan gained his bachelors degree in physical education through Otago University in 1985 and gained his masters degree in exercise physiology and cardiac rehabilitation in 1992 at Eastern Illinois University, USA.  In 2005 he received an award as one of the 50 outstanding graduate alumni in the past 50 years of the graduate school.  His mission has always been to help individuals, businesses and organisations achieve a higher level of health, fitness and function, than they could without his help.

Brendan has continued on-going study throughout the past 30 years and gained additional qualifications through the CHEK Institute based in San Diego.  He gained its CHEK Level II qualification in musculoskeletal corrective exercise in 1999.  In 2006, Brendan also gained a Level Three status in anthropometry (human measurement) through the ISAK programme which was taught by Prof Mike Marfell-Jones of UCOL in Palmerston North.

He also has a strong interest in occupational physiology and gained qualifications in Quantitative Job Demand Analysis in 2005 and Physical Work Performance Evaluation in 2007.  Both qualifications were provided by Ergoscience in the United States.

Brendan is currently studying towards a qualification in Functional Nutrition through the Functional Nutrition Alliance Lab in the USA.

Most years Brendan will go back to the USA to attend the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual conference to keep in touch with the latest developments and equipment.