“I chose BodyLab based on a positive outcome 5 years ago when I suffered badly from OOS. This time, following a rotator cuff sprain, I had a virtually ‘frozen’ shoulder that made many everyday tasks difficult, some impossible. Following an incredibly comprehensive initial consultation, Brendan recommended a chiropractor to realign my neck (which I had no idea was a problem) in tandem with a twice weekly strengthening programme. Both have proven successful to the point where I am now virtually pain free. Total range of movement is still some way off pending possible orthopaedic manipulation. However, because of the strength I have gained, and am continuing to improve with an independent programme, this may be avoidable altogether.

Brendan is a consummate professional, is a pleasure to work with and I recommend him and his team highly to anyone seeking an in-depth, holistic health solution. If I could clone him and have him permanently on hand, I would do so in an instant!”