“When I was first referred to BodyLab I had been off work for 12 months and had had every possible kind of treatment ACC could provide from physiotherapy, osteopaths, three cortisone injections, pain management consultants, powerful pain killers, intense exercise and work conditioning programmes, etc.

Despite this, no previous treatment provider had delivered anything other than minimal short term pain relief. I was at my wits end and was becoming extremely disheartened.

However, from the first session I had at BodyLab I felt that my rehabilitation chances were significantly increased. This session was merely an assessment and analysis of my injury/disability but was done so professionally and comprehensively that I was immediately impressed.

My initial impressions were more than exceeded with my subsequent rehabilitation plan. This is because it was so expertly designed, they then provided expert training, advice, and analysis of my actions and movements as I worked through my tailored exercise rehabilitation sessions. I quickly began to feel significant improvements and have subsequently continued to improve to such an extent that I have gone from expecting to be a cripple for the rest of my life to being able to function like a normal fully contributing person again.

Their attention to detail in their analysis of my injury and disabilities, their astute and tailored programmes of rehabilitation and their intense focus on closely monitoring, guiding and coaching you throughout various stages are unequalled.

I have never seen or heard of any other practitioners in the rehabilitation field as professional, focussed, comprehensive, and so specifically tailored to each individual needs as BodyLab.”