“I lived for four years with pains in my arms, wrists and hands from OOS, occasionally severe and debilitating, but mostly manageable, although with constant fear that it would get worse and prevent me from working, recreation and enjoying life.

During that time I spent thousands of dollars on osteopathy, massage, Feldenkrais classes, Swiss ball training, vitamins and minerals, and GP visits. I limited my life, only did short stints of driving, replaced my handbags with backpacks, tried never to carry heavy bags, stopped playing tennis, changed the way I slept, took salmon oil capsules, flax oil and magnesium, went for long walks to keep fit, did Swiss ball stretches and strengthening every day, paused frequently during the day to do stretches, used a phone headset, and limited computer use to the barest minimum, with OOS software, frequent micropauses, special keyboard and ergonomically assessed office. The pain persisted throughout, sometimes better, sometimes worse.

I am so very grateful to all the staff at BodyLab for the way in which their careful, considered, soundly based work has opened up possibilities in my life that I didn’t have before, and for the freedom from pain which they’ve given me. Thank you so much.”