Helen Walker

“I had suffered chronic back pain for several years –it left me unable to do the things I enjoy and I was reluctant to commit to anything as my pain was a major interference. A few times a year I would be hit with an acute (and debilitating) attack of pain which would leave me barely able to walk and incapable of doing anything much at all. I had done the rounds of doctor, back specialist, physios, chiropractor, osteopath and acupuncture. I had taken cortisone, anti-inflammatories (heaps of) and pain killers. I was becoming resigned to the idea of living with chronic pain and being miserable.

An acquaintance recommended that I give BodyLab a go. What a difference BodyLab made. Within weeks of the assessment I had many pain free days and have continued to improve. I have not had any debilitating attacks since starting at BodyLab. Quality of life is returning and it is seldom I take medication.

Brendan is fantastic to work with – patient, communicative and supportive. The point of difference with BodyLab is the initial comprehensive assessment – two hours. No-one else spent that amount of time to get that level of detail about the sources of the pain. The exercise programme was tailored to me and therefore highly appropriate. It gave me good results surprisingly quickly.”