“I just wanted to give you some feedback as I have now completed two 6-week courses.

The results have been spectacular!

I had suffered from severe back pain, I think as the result of a fall from a bike several years ago. This seemed to make my back progressively more fragile so that small injuries created very debilitating results. The most recent small injury had resulted in chronic pain throughout my
body – especially back pain, but so bad it was affecting my whole nervous system.

I went to Brendan Roach after a long trail of doctors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, rheumatologists….you name it, I’d tried it. With Brendan’s skill, determination, encouragement and motivation I am now largely pain free and have joined a gym in an effort to maintain this new good health!

I can’t speak highly enough of what he has done for me. It is completely above and beyond my expectations.”

Emily, 2008