Pre-employment Screening

An analysis of the physical demands of a job allows for the correct match of a potential applicant to the job, through our “Pre-employment Screening” service. This has been shown to save the employer significant time and money.

Screening determines whether the employee’s physical abilities meet the job requirements. It can be useful to test worker’s fitness to return to work after a prolonged absence (not just work related injury).

Overseas studies have reported a significant cost-benefit from this process1. The referenced study looked at the effectiveness of a physical abilities test in decreasing injuries in US railroad workers. It reviewed 16,500 subjects during 1995–2000 to review whether this type of testing decreased injuries, days lost and compensation costs. The results were significant:

injuries decreased
50% fewer days lost (ie. 72.5 mean days lost for test group compared with 148.2 days for non-test group),
80% lower compensation costs (ie. $12,600 mean cost for test group compared with $67,900 for non-test group).
1 Geerhart, (2002) ACSM Conference, St Louis, USA

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