Workstation Assessments

A popular service of BodyLab is our workstation assessments for staff in the workplace.  Reasons for the request can include discomfort issues, a new workstation, or the assessment is requested to prevent issues from occurring.

The assessment can take 30 minutes and up to 60 minutes if it is more complex.  We take before and after photographs, measurements which include forward head posture and horizontal eye position in relation to the screen.  We look at the position of the lumbar support, chair height, desk height, position of keyboard, mouse and phone (elbow) position in relation to the shoulder joint.

Adjustments are made to suit the person’s body dimensions at the time and equipment will be recommended if needed.

If anything is not quite right as a result of our adjustments, we will come back in to make further adjustments at no charge.

The assessment is also followed up with a report.

Cost – please call or email us