Our Velotron is a computer controlled, precision electronic bicycle ergometer/trainer. It’s mechanical design provides the highest laboratory grade accuracy and repeatability, with the widest load range of any commercially available electronic ergometer.

Velotron creates loads from 5 to 2000 watts which covers the entire range of human capability. Accuracy is +/- 1.5% of reading across the entire load range. Repeatability of +/- 0.2 % or better.

This ergometer offers a range of services which can help your cycle performance. These are summarised as follows:

3D Software Training Sessions

If you want to ensure you are training at the right level our 3D training sessions would benefit you. Results from your previous VO2max test will provide us with data to set your training level. You will see your power (watts), RPM, and speed as you ride through some virtual scenery with your computer generated pacer. The first time you complete a session you really see if your training effort on the road is where it should be.

Spin Scan Training Sessions

A Spin Scan allows you to see whether you are putting the same effort through each leg. The example here shows a 35/65 power split between the left and right legs. This non-symmetrical power output shows up as a peanut shaped display.

You can also combine a 3D training session with a Spin Scan session.

Wingate Testing or Training Session

The Velotron also allows for testing your maximum power over a 30 second period. Monitoring and improving this short term power can help your final sprint in a race or for when you need to make or follow a break away.

Cost $51.00 per training session or test