POWERbreathe is an Inspiratory Muscle Trainer (breathing muscle training device). Research by professional sport scientists and world-leading researchers in inspiratory muscle physiology have shown benefits for patients with chronic breathing problems and athletes wishing to increase their endurance level.

Health benefits for those with breathing problems (eg. asthma) include breathing power restoration, improved vitality and quality of life. One research study tested 42 patients with COPD to determine whether inspiratory muscle training would improve their condition, and leave long lasting effects. They concluded that in the experimental group, there was increased exercise capacity, improvements in quality of life, and a decrease in dyspnea (breathing difficulty). Long lasting effects included a decrease in the use of health services and hospitialisation days (1).

Athletes benefit by increasing exercise tolerance, improving sports performance, and reducing whole body effort. A research study evaluating rowing performance after inspiratory muscle training showed an increase of 3.4% in a 6 min all-out test performance and a decrease of 36 sec in the 500m test after 4 weeks of training (2).

Results are based on a protocol of 30 breaths in the morning and 30 breaths at night.