Warrant of Fitness Assessment

This is the second part of our three part process.

1.Full Medical (do this 2nd)
2.Warrant of Fitness Assessment (do this first)
3.Comprehensive Report
Measurements are taken by our master’s qualified Exercise Physiologist with 30 years experience. These include:

Height and Weight
Body composition using ISAK standards (includes 8 skinfolds, 5 circumference measurements, 2 bone breaths, all measurements taken twice and a third is completed if outside a small margin of error)
Lung Function (Spirometry) using ATS international standards (includes up to 8 trials, and manual interpretation). We assess expiration, lung volume and inspiration.
Resting ECG
Exercise 12 Lead ECG Test with Blood Pressure Monitoring, Gas Analysis Monitoring to determine accurate Cardiovascular Fitness or VO2max (results have a minimal 3% margin of error with gas analysis)
Cardiologist report on ECG results
Cardiac risk assessment
Location for the Warrant of Fitness Assessment: BodyLab, Level 1, 43 Hania St, Mt Victoria, Wellington OR BodyLab, 210 Victoria St West, Victoria Park Market, Auckland 1010

To book an appointment: phone 04 8017395 or email info@bodylab.co.nz and ask for the Executive Health Check Warrant of Fitness Assessment, available for appointments 7am-7pm Mon-Fri, Sat on request.