Comprehensive Report

Part 3 of our Executive Health Check is the final comprehensive report. This includes the Medical report and the Warrant of Fitness Assessment report. The report covers a complete set of results including objective data, comments and summarises your current state of health. Recommendations are provided if any repair work is needed eg. changes in activity and eating patterns. The nutrition recommendations are provided by Dr Kelly Dale PhD, Nutrition and Exercise Consultant in Wellington. Dr Dale’s specialty is treating people with insulin resistance (pre-diabetes), cardiovascular risk factors and obesity. In Auckland the nutrition recommendations are provided by the Naturopath from the Holistic Medical Centre.

You will be emailed a PDF file of your report and can choose between a follow-up phone call consultation to go through your results or you can book an appointment at BodyLab to go through your results.

Total Cost of the Executive Health Check (all 3 parts combined) $1500.00 excl GST