12 Lead ECG Exercise Test with Gas Analysis

Our cardiac rehabilitation programme is a supervised exercise and education program dedicated to improving the overall health of cardiac clients through diet and exercise.  Our clients are usually referred by a cardiologist or GP.

The programme benefits individuals who are recovering from a variety of heart conditions including, but not limited to: heart attack, coronary artery bypass graft, stable angina, heart valve surgery, heart failure and heart transplant.

A cardiac rehabilitation service such as this can decrease cardiovascular and total mortality by 20–25% compared with traditional care.

This programme will help a cardiac client overcome the fear of exertion, increase exercise capacity, learn about good exercise and eating habits and decrease risk of further complications.

BodyLab prefers to begin your cardiac rehabilitation with an appropriate monitored exercise test to assess your starting point.  This allows us to design an appropriate programme that is specific to your abilities.  Details of the test are as follows:

12 Lead Exercise ECG Test with Blood Pressure Monitoring, Oxygen Saturation Monitoring, and Gas Analysis Monitoring to determine accurate Cardiovascular Fitness or VO2peak (results have a 3% margin of error with gas analysis compared to estimations without gas analysis which have a 10-20% margin of error).   Exercise time is typically between 8-12 minutes.  A cardiologist will comment on ECG results.

Cost – $500.00 (excl GST).

Should you have any musculoskeletal needs we can also offer you a solution in addition to this assessment.