Beetroot Shots




Beetroot has become a popular ergogenic aid for sports people as it has been found to help you train hard, recover faster and perform better. It is because of the high amounts of Nitric Oxide found in beetroot juice. Nitrogen and Oxygen is found in most living creatures. The beetroot juice just raises what we already have in our blood stream. Research using BEET IT at the William Harvey Research Institute and Exeter University has demonstrated the dramatic impact it can have on improving stamina and enhancing oxygen usage efficiency. Beetroot juice is increasingly being regarded as the new super-fuel for athletes and it has been approved for olympic athletes.

The shot provides a convenient way to get the required dose without having to juice beetroot every day to get the required 600ml. The shots (only 70ml) are a concentrated form of natural beetroot juice with a touch of concentrated natural lemon juice (2%) to help the flavour.

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