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Lung Function

Lung function testing (or spirometry) is recommended for all smokers over the age of 45 and in any person presenting with shortness of breath, chronic cough, wheezing, or excessive mucus production.  This is a simple and non-invasive test that can be performed easily.  Results from the test can be used in the identification of patients at risk for both a restrictive condition (lung volume issues) and obstructive condition (flow issues).

If an obstructive condition is found, we can evaluate whether the condition is reversible with a bronchodilator medication (test prescribed by your GP).

We use this information to recommend whether lung function training is necessary with our Spirotiger system or the Powerbreathe.  Find out more by clicking on Spirotiger or Powerbreathe button in the respiratory menu under the services menu.

The lung function test, analysis, and report takes approximately 30 minutes.  Appointments can be made on the same day and results will be sent to your GP within 24 hours if required.

All tests are based on the international standards outlined in the following papers:

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