Do you think you could ride the Taupo 160km cycle event in 4hr 45mins with only 30min training 3x per week with a 1-2hr ride on one other day of the week over only 12 weeks? BodyLab has shown it can be done!

Do you think you could run 0.5kph faster at your lactate threshold with only 30 mins of training 3x per week over 6 weeks? BodyLab has shown it can be done!

This seminar is about the science of High Intensity Interval Training. You will learn why this type of training is so effective and which intervals produce the best results – is it 60sec, 2min, 30sec, 3min, 4min, or 5min intervals? Come and find out and make your training more productive.

You don’t have to be an athlete to learn about this. We prescribe it to some of our exercise rehab clients who are in poor shape.

Cost $10.00

We have limited spaces available so please let us know you are coming. Register for the seminar and go into a draw to win a VO2max test (normally $172.50). Email us at or complete the enrolment form below