A common issue among desk-based workers is pain around the neck, shoulders and head region. Typically this will be felt as ‘tension’ or ‘stress’ and tightness through the upper back, neck and shoulder muscles.

Typically we see people with rounded shoulders, a forward head position (chin poke), and an increased mid back curve (thoracic kyphosis). This combination leads to greater than normal stress on regional musculature and increased pressure on the joints and nerves. Over a period of time this can result in chronic neck and shoulder pain as well as issues in elbows, wrists and hands.

This problem is solved by addressing the root cause – in this case the muscle imbalances that are contributing to poor posture (typically, tight chest and back of the neck muscles and weak back muscles). When identified through a screening assessment, these issues can be successfully resolved in a matter of weeks.

Richard Trendle MSc, Exercise Physiologist

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