As an athlete (cyclist) injuries are a fairly regular occurrence.  I was unfortunate to fracture my lumbar vertebrae resulting in 4 years of unresolved lower back pain and severe episodes of sciatica also with the consideration of back surgery as a last resort.

Training is an integral part of being a cyclist and my injuries severely limited what training I could do on and off the bike. After believing that this was my demise Brendon installed a great deal of confidence after his evaluation.  Brendon examined body alignment finding some pretty major areas that needed correction. I was very impressed with Brendon’s ability to discover the limits of power through my legs with and without correction. With corrections to my footwear and saddle I found the results quite remarkable not only in my ability to recruit the correct muscles at the right time but I had little or no back pain.  I could now ride my bike pain free with the added bonus of more power output.  After discovering these problems I had to unleash the muscles that had been asleep for 4yrs.  This is where Lise used her expertise in muscle activation. Through a series of sessions, Lise helped me to awaken and activate muscles in the correct manner.  I must admit I was very excited when I found I could activate muscles I had not used before and found more power which would give more speed on the bike.  At the gym I was also pleasantly surprised that I could squat deeper and lift more weight.  Overall my experience with Body Lab was fantastic, they have helped me to become a more efficient athlete also realising that there are more aspects to being an athlete than just training hard.   Thank you for your help.

Hannah Latta (Track Cyclist) 2010

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